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Behringer DI800 Ultra-DI Pro 8 Channel DI Box
8 channel DI Box (1U 19" rack mount)
Product Code: BEHDI800 | Brand: Behringer | Model: DI800
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Behringer DI800 Ultra-DI Pro 8 Channel DI Box

Direct Injection (DI) boxes make it possible to connect guitars, basses and keyboards (as well as other line-level devices) to audio mixers and recorders. They are absolutely essential for proper impedance matching and to maintain signal integrity. BEHRINGER active DIs feature "buffered" inputs that won't degrade the source signal like passive DI boxes can. Balanced signals leaving the Behringer DI800 are extremely low impedance (typically less than 680 Ω), and far less susceptible to noise and interference.

When it comes right down to it, all DI boxes do the same thing, right? Yes, but the Behringer DI800 does much more than just "bass guitar in, mic level signal out." The Behringer DI800 really is a highly versatile input-signal toolkit. Here are just two special features that differentiate the Behringer DI800 from most standard DI boxes:
  • Maybe you’d like to connect your guitar amp’s speaker output to your mixer? Not a problem, the Behringer DI800 features a -30 dB attenuation switch, allowing you to connect to speaker outputs (up to 3000 Watts!) and convert them to balanced XLR outs.
  • Got a weak incoming signal? The Behringer DI800 has a +20 dB switch, which really comes in handy for boosting low-level input signals.

    Of course, the Behringer DI800 provides a LINK output for easy connection to other equipment, such as onstage amplifiers and monitor consoles. Servo-balanced performance guarantees ultra-flat frequency response, and the gold-plated XLR output connectors provide reliable, low-noise operation. Per channel ground lift switches eliminate ground-loop hum problems. The Behringer DI800 does everything a standalone DI can do—times eight!

    Unlike their passive counterparts, active DI boxes require a power source to make their internal electronics work. The Behringer DI800 provides two power options: 120 – 240 V~ from the nearest wall outlet or power strip, or +18 to +48 V DC from your mixer’s phantom power supply.

    Behringer DI800 Features & Specifications:

    • The Behringer DI800 is a professional multi-purpose 8-channel direct injection box for stage and studio applications
    • Provides impedance and signal matching for the direct connection of instruments to mixers and amplifiers
    • The Behringer DI800 has an ultra-flat frequency response due to servo-balanced operation
    • Optional mains or phantom-powered operation
    • The Behringer DI800 allows direct connection to speaker outputs with up to 3,000 Watts
    • +20 dB gain switch for pre-amplification of low-level signals
    • The Behringer DI800 is equipped with switchable input attenuation allows input levels of up to +40 dB
    • Ground Lift switch eliminates typical ground loop problems
    • Link output for easy connection of the Behringer DI800 to further equipment
    • 1/4" TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors
    • Illuminated switches enable perfect operation in dark stage environments
    • High-quality components used in the Behringer DI800 and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
    • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

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